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Stories of the Sea,     of Men      and of Passion for Quality

Callipo was founded in 1913 by Giacinto Callipo, the great-grandfather of the present company President and owner, in Pizzo, a small city located in the heart of the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia recognized for their fishing and production of Tuna. The company was the first in Calabria and amongst the first in Italy, to process the prestigious Mediterranean Tuna fished using the “fixed tonnare” system.

The production involved the processing of big quantities of, until that time, non consumed fresh tuna, which was already recognised at that time for its elevated quality, so much so, that in 1926 the company was distinguished with the title of “Official Supplier” by the Royal Household.  At the end of the 1950s, under the direction of Giacinto Callipo, the founder’s grandson, the production plant was transferred from the Pizzo marina to the old “Tonnara Angitola”. In 1972 Giacinto decided to pass down the company to his son Filippo, the present President, who took over exclusive leadership in 1981.

Under his leadership, Callipo changed premises to Maierato and successfully expanded, consolidating itself in both the national and international markets. Today, the company’s production plant occupies an area of approximately 34,000 square metres, 9,000 of which are occupied by specifically designed modern buildings used for the housing of the technologically advanced machinery and industrial equipment used.

With over 200 employees and an annual production of approximately 6,500 tonnes, Callipo commercialises 92% of its production within Italy, whilst the remaining 8% is distributed amongst the major European and non-European countries i.e. Canada, Libya, Austria, Australia, Romania, Norway, Lithuania, Switzerland, the United States, and France.



In remembrance of the old fishing, through the “tonnara”, we would like to bring an historical and magic moment back to life, which has characterized a far epoch still impressed in the heart of people that lived this experience.   These persons, thanks their story, are still able to transmit their emotion to us.

The impression that is received when speaking with the “tonnaroti” (old fishermen), is that of being entertained by a pleasant, cherished and familiar conversation. And whilst they speak, through their expressions and gesticulations, a genuine dose of nostalgia and the hope of one day returning to their old tuna fishing roots are apparent.






Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari S.p.A. - S.S. 110 Km 1,6 - 89843 Maierato (VV) - Italia

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