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Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari Quality Policy

Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari S.p.A., with legal seat in Via Riviera Prangi, 156 – 89812 Pizzo (VV) Italy – producer of fish preserves derived from tuna production, states in this document the rules and values guiding its action within the company and in its external relations.
The company grants that its products are safe from a health and hygienic point of view and that they respect the legislation in force, by means of a constant adaptation to the laws in place in the food sector, paying particular attention to respect for the environment, ethical aspects, health and safety at work and to sustainable fishing.
The Company recognises the negative impact that indiscriminate fishing might have on the underwater ecosystem. For this reason, it is in favour of the creation of large scale marine reserves for protecting important marine habitats and reproduction areas.
The Company Management focuses on the following strategic goals and makes available human resources, along with instrumental and economic resources for pursuing them:
•  Satisfying its customer and business partners by producing articles matching the market expectations;
•  Sustainable supply of raw materials;
•  Selection of suppliers who do not employ in massive way the FAD fishing techniques -fishing aggregating device- (no more than 25% in respect to the total amount fished) and who must guarantee that fishing is done exclusively in the period in which it is allowed;
•  Avoid to purchase tuna fished by means of FAD or by use of Palamiti;
•  Purchasing tuna exclusively from fishermen or companies authorised and controlled by inspectors on board and which are Dolphine Safe certified;
• Purchasing MSC certified raw materials for producing selected fish preserves matching the requirements of sustainable fishing, by means of selective methods which are not being impacting on marine ecosystem;
• Developing and spreading in the company the culture of Quality and respect of the territory, by means of staff training and awareness campaign;
• Reduction of contamination risks of the environmental elements due to the production process;
• Clear definition of the functions and the responsibilities within the company organization;
• Continuous improvement of all the company activities and of the health and safety conditions at the workplace by involving the staff in the production process and evaluating their suggestions in updating processes, procedures, and machineries;
• Training the staff in order that they become aware, that they work safely and they take on their own responsibilities on safety and hygiene in workplaces;  
•  Reducing the risk of injury and work diseases at work, in particular when moving goods, maintaining machinery and plant, and installing new machinery in standard, extraordinary and emergency conditions;
• Adapting the existing machinery according to the most useful technologies available, in order to improve the quality standards of the products and the environmental and safety performances.
The company engagement in pursuing the above mentioned goals is highlighted by the achievement of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, BRC and IFS standards, of the first Food Product Certification in the tuna fish preserves sector, and of implementing a workers safety and health system.  
The Company Management commits to spreading these goals throughout the company and reminds its managers and all its workers to respect the regulations stated in the Company’s Manuals, Procedures and Operative Instructions.

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