Driven by a strong, concrete team spirit and by the common desire to reach increasingly exacting and gratifying objectives, Callipo has always dedicated particular attention to human resources, loyalty, safety and social responsibility.

A true team that, like in the world of sport, works towards various goals with great determination and enthusiasm, without ever giving into compromises. A close-knit, tried and tested team that has arrived at a perfect accord. And, for 20 years, the link with sport has been particularly intense and well-established. Its commitment in this regard can be seen in its management, organisation and financing of the social and sporting activities of the male volleyball team of Vibo Valentia, Volley Tonno Callipo, which takes part in the national championships.

Volley Tonno Callipo was established in 1993 when Pippo Callipo decided to combine the name of his company with the world of volleyball.
After remaining in the lower-level leagues for a number of years, in the competitive season of 2003/2004 if finally toasted its arrival in the highest level of the league.

On the strength of its excellent results, the Italian Volleyball Association, the Premier Volleyball League, and other sports associations look upon Callipo’s oeprations fondly and admiringly, for its success in obtaining exciting results in a region lacking in sports facilities and sufficient financing to take part in tournaments at the highest national levels.
“And that’s not all”,explains Pippo Callipo,“because on more than one occasion, the players from the opposing teams have asked to come and visit our company at the end of the match. They discovered and tasted the quality of our products and complemented us for the high quality of our tuna. And this seems to have succeeded in conciliating fans and rivals even when there had unfortunately been a disagreement out on the field, bringing everything back to the right sporting spirit. The enthusiasm for our team is a clear sign that Calabria is, in a sense, looking to the future positively, with a sense of optimism, by seeking to bring out some of the main key aspects of sport: loyalty and competition, with a complete respect for the rules. In this way, I’m hoping that sport might be able to sway the politics and commitment of the leaders of society in Calabria, to turn it into a modern, European region.”

But the company doesn’t only support sport at the professional level. Rather, over the years it has often promoted numerous initiatives geared at getting young people into sport and teaching them about “good sportsmanship”, by also organising meetings in schools and on-site educational visits for children.