Social Responsibility

Callipo has a long history of solidarity and commitment to the promotion of cultural and social projects in the local region and further afield.
In our social activities, we have always followed a number of important guidelines: to develop the local region through cultural initiatives; to support the weakest and most disadvantaged members of the community, and to spread the principle of legality as widely as possible.

Some awards

In July 2005, the Project of Corporate Social Responsibility, coordinated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, identified thirty Italian companies that have based their commercial operations on an increased focus on social and ecological issues. Giacinto Callipo Conserve SpA figured among these companies, and was the only company in Calabria to be included. After a careful examination, and positive evaluation, of the main actions it carries out in the field of CSR activities, the CSR tools it adopts and its good practices, the company was selected and included in a publication issued by the Ministry entitled "Corporate Social Responsibility - Examples of Italian Good Practices”.
In November 2006, "Ernst & Young" (a leading international professional services company) granted the award of "Entrepreneur of the Year" to owner Pippo Callipo, who was selected as a finalist in the category "Quality of life" in honor of his "awareness of the local community and capacity to encourage the growth of his company through continuous, coherent programs directed at supporting and developing culture, art, the environment, and social life.”

Callipo and Scientific Research

In 2006, in collaboration with the “Volley Tonno Callipo” team, a calendar was printed and the proceeds from its sale were donated to the AIL Association, in support of the fight against leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. In 2009, the Callipo Group then joined hands with Telethon in the fight against genetic diseases. Through the sale of Tuna Fillets distinguished by the label "Callipo is with Telethon", the company made an important contribution to supporting scientific research.

Callipo and the right to study

The company has long been an active supporter of the right to an education for the young people of Calabria by offering scholarships for Bachelor degrees, PhDs and Masters courses both at the University of Calabria and at other prestigious Italian universities such as the Luiss in Rome.

Callipo and Culture

Every year, Callipo offers its support to various different cultural initiatives, especially those that assist Calabrian artists and events.
The most significant of such initiatives include, for example, the Town of Pizzo Painting Prize, of which Callipo has been a partner for over thirty years. It was established in 1954 by the First Lady of the city, Diana Maria Musolino. The figurative arts event is held annually in the city centre, during the summer, and brings together established artists and newcomers, from both Italy and abroad, who have the chance to exhibit their works for more than ten days in the charming village of Pizzo.

Callipo and the local community

The company's commitment to the social sphere is demonstrated through its commitment to solidarity and school education, both through donations and through activities carried out directly on-site.
It also makes various donations to assist disadvantaged communities, including initiatives with the inmates of the local prisons and donations to humanitarian associations.
Callipo also opens its doors all year round for school pupils and various groups to come and visit the production divisions of the plant. Callipo is the only company in the industry to have adhered to several consecutive editions of the initiative" Openly - The Food Industry in Italy opens its doors to the public'', sponsored by Federalimentare and other affiliated associations. In the last edition, more than 400 people from various professional companies visited the company and took part in all phases of the tuna processing procedure. By adhering to "Openly", the Callipo Group aimed to demonstrate to its customers its continuous and ongoing commitment to ensuring tasty and genuine food products, characterised by their quality, hygiene and safety.
Since 2008, through the Volley Tonno Callipo team, it has been producing a calendar starring the players of the first team (from the A1 league) together with young disabled people from the National Association of People with Down Syndrome.
It also partakes in "Angitolandia", a special initiative carried out by the association Artigian Family, which takes place every year in the oasis of the WWF of Lake Angitola, between Pizzo and Maierato (Vibo Valentia). An entire day dedicated to young people wth disabilities and their families, enjoying nature and rediscovering the ancient artisanal traditions of our local region. Each year, at the Volleyball stadium in Vibo Valentia, it host adolescents from the Father Puglisi Bovalino (RC) Centre, which works with young people in the particularly difficult area of Locri, giving them the opportunity to attend a A1 League match and share important values such as sport, socialization and healthy competition. The Callipo Group has also contributed in the past to the construction of the floor of the Church of Platì (RC). Pippo Callipo, who has been an honorary citizen of the town since 2005, has also donated computer equipment, a major multimedia encyclopaedia, books and some computers to the parish.

Callipo and the law

There are a number of initiatives in place directed at transmitting the principles of legality in a region in which it is often abused. In 2012, the company chose to support the project "Music Against the Mafia", which was born of a collaboration between the MEI of Faenza and the record company MK Records of Cosenza. It provides a book and a CD that recount the fight against the mafia and the important role played by words and music in developing a critical consciousness and a sense of 'social commitment’ in young people. The book-cd was published by Rubbettino with the support of Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari, in order to finance the project “Libera”, which was geared at tackling the problem of school non-attendance in the three provinces of Calabria, in cooperation with Save the Children, to stop the recruitment of young people to organized crime.

Callipo And Sport

Callipo has been actively involved with the world of sport for twenty years now. Its commitment can be seen, in particular, in the management, organization and financing of sports and the social activities of the men’s volleyball team of Vibo Valentia, Volley Tonno Callipo, which participates in the National Championship. Over the years, the Callipo group has succeeded in transmitting a positive image of Calabria at the national level, and in sparking the enthusiasm of all Calabrian people, becoming at once a symbol and source of pride. The sporting activities of the top team also act as a stimulus and model for young Calabrian people, who are taking part in the sports courses for young people in ever greater numbers.

Callipo and its employees

The company employs over 200 members of staff, more than half of whom are women. Among other activities, one might note the agreement in place between the company and a specialist in radio-diagnosis and breast scanning, thanks to which all of its personnel have had the chance to undergo a clinical breast examination and mammography and ultrasound examinations, at the company’s expense. In December 2009, Callipo shared out €100,000 to its workers, following company growth.

Callipo and the market

Its relationships with its consumers, customers and suppliers are regulated by a series of ethical rules which, although not codified in writing, are strictly implemented. Payments to suppliers are made in a timely manner. Customers are supported by a sales office, made up of a large dedicated team. Consumers are protected at all times by important quality and product certifications. Since 1992, the company had adhered to the "Dolphin Safe" program, which obligates it to purchase its tuna exclusively from fishing vessels that adopt techniques that eliminate dolphin fatalities.

Callipo and the environment

The company dedicates particular attention to health and safety in the workplace, through the continuous adjustment of its production lines and the use of new, ever-safer equipment. The company uses a cogeneration system that is similar to a system that uses renewable energy sources. Improvements: In 2000, the old refrigeration system (with CFC gas) was replaced with a new ammonia plant. The thermal power plant, for the production of steam powered by oil, was converted to methane, thereby reducing the emission of harmful gases into the environment, to the benefit of both the company and the whole community. The company is also equipped with a biological purifier, which makes it possible to recover activated sludge, for companies that produce COMPOST. Production wastes of animal origin are transferred to companies that produce pet food. For the disposal of all other materials, it employs strict separated waste collection criteria. All of the packaging used for its finished products is recycled.