Roulade of Stuffed Salted Codfish with Tuna


1 x 190g jar of CALLIPO TUNA FILLETS with red onion from Tropea
600g soaked salted codfish fillets
700g wild chicory
50g rice flour
50g chives
100g fresh parsley
2 garlic cloves
1 red chilli pepper
Extra virgin olive oil (t.t.)
Salt and pepper (t.t.)



Lay the salted codfish fillet on a countertop and cut into squares. Season with pepper and parsley and cook in a bain-marie for 3 minutes. Leave to cool and add the CALLIPO TUNA FILLETS with red onion from Tropea. Create a roulade and tie it together using the chives.
Separately, throw the wild chives into a pan with the extra virgin olive oil, garlic and red chilli pepper.
Arrange the chicory into nests on a dish, placing the roulade in the centre.

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