Perciatelli Pasta with Ventresca Tuna Fillets

Ingredients for 4 servings:

400g perciatelli pasta
1 x 190g jar of CALLIPO VENTRESCA TUNA FILLETS in olive oil
200g artichokes
120g caper flowers
100g breadcrumb
100g ‘pecorino del poro’ cheese
100g red onion from Tropea
5 fresh mint leaves
White wine (t.t.)
Extra virgin olive oil (t.t.)
Salt and pepper (t.t.)



In a pan, lightly brown the red onion from Tropea in the extra virgin olive oil. Add the caper flowers and aubergines (pre-sliced). Simmer with the white wine for a few minutes until it has reduced.
Separately, cook the perciatelli pasta in copious amounts of salted water, drain when ‘al dente’, add the sauce, the CALLIPO VENTRESCA TUNA FILLETS and the breadcrumb and cook until it reaches a creamy consistency.
To serve, garnish with the pecorino cheese and mint leaves.

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