Fileja Pasta with ‘Nduja ‘Rustiche’


300g fileja (Calabrian pasta)
1 x 190g jar of CALLIPO TUNA FILLETS with Calabrian ‘nduja (spreadable Calabrian sausage)
200g tomato passata
100g red onion from Tropea
Extra virgin olive oil (t.t.)
Grated cheese (t.t.)
Salt and parsley (t.t.)



Finely cut up the onion and lightly pan-fry for a few minutes in the extra virgin olive oil until golden brown.
Add the tomato passata and cook for around 15 minutes.
Add the CALLIPO TUNA FILLETS with Calabrian ‘nduja and continue cooking for another 2 minutes.
Transfer the cooked pasta to a pan and mix with the sauce. Add grated cheese if desired.
Top everything off with a sprinkling of chopped parmesan and serve.

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