Farfalle Pasta with Tuna and Artichokes

Ingredients for 4 servings:

320g farfalle pasta
4 artichokes
1 x 200g jar of CALLIPO TUNA FILLETS in brine
1 clove of garlic
½ glass of white wine
50g grated parmesan
Extra virgin olive oil
Chopped parsley (t.t.)
Salt (t.t.)



Wash the artichokes, take off the toughest outer leaves, and quarter them. Cut them up into thin slices and pan fry with the oil and chopped-up garlic. Soak in the white wine and a bit of water, scatter with the chopped-up parsley and cook for five minutes. Add the drained and chopped CALLIPO TUNA FILLETS and continue cooking for another two minutes.
Cook the pasta in copious amounts of salted water, drain and throw into the pan.
Mix everything together well, add the parmesan and serve.

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