Tuna Steak in a Chive Pastry

Ingredients for 4 servings:

2 X 320g cans of CALLIPO TUNA SLICES in olive oil
40g chives
100g veal
50g red onion from Tropea
100g tomatoes
100g mayonnaise
50g sugar cane
extra virgin olive oil (t.t.)
salt and pepper (t.t.)



Lightly brown the chopped-up onion in some extra virgin olive oil and sear the diced veal. Leave the meat to cool and mince in a processor. Add the mayonnaise and mix carefully.
Separately, melt the sugar cane and add the tomatoes until caramelised. Prepare your dish by spreading the sauce thinly onto the plate and adding the CALLIPO TUNA SLICES, drained and dressed with the chives. Decorate with the tomatoes.

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