Tonno Callipo in vetro

Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil and Brine in a Glass Jar

The Yellowfin Tuna in a glass jar (80g and 160) line was created as an alternative to the traditional canned versions, and is designed for anyone that favours “transparent” quality.
This product, which is filled into jars through automatic lines, is available either in olive oil or in brine.
We have always selected only the very best parts of the tuna, and all stages of the production process are carried out entirely in Italy: from the steaming process, which maintains the nutritional characteristics of the product, to the careful cleaning of the slices, up to the maturing stage, which is extended across several months so as to ensure that Callipo tuna always gives off that unmistakable fragrance when it is consumed.

Il Tonno Callipo in vetro è disponibile nei seguenti formati:

Olio d'oliva: 80gx3, 80gx2, 160g - Naturale 80gx3, 80gx2, 160g