Canned Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil and Brine

Yellowfin Tuna is characterised by its tender, compact, light rose, relatively lean flesh.

We have always selected only the very best parts of the tuna, and all stages of the production process are carried out entirely in Italy: from the steaming process, which maintains the nutritional characteristics of the product, to the careful cleaning of the slices, up to the maturing stage, which is extended across several months so as to ensure that Callipo tuna always gives off that unmistakable fragrance when it is consumed.

Callipo Tuna in Brine is ideal for anyone looking for a product with a low fat content (less than 1%). It is processed entirely in Italy, using carefully selected raw materials, with the addition only of water and salt in order to maintain the taste of the tuna and the natural scent of the sea.
Thanks to its high protein content, it is ideal for children, young people and anyone practicing sporting activities who wishes to follow a healthy, balanced diet.

Il Tonno Callipo in scatola è disponibile nei seguenti formati:

Olio di oliva 80gx3, 160gx2, 300g, 500g, 620g – Naturale 80gx3, 160gx2, 620g