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Not everyone knows that...

  • The tuna arrives at Callipo whole, and is processed entirely in Italy, at the plant in Maierato (VV), undergoing a meticulous selection process.
  • Various species of tuna can be processed, even those of less prestigious quality. But Callipo uses only the Yellowfin species, as specified on the packaging.
  • Callipo Tuna is a highly genuine product as it is simply steamed, without the addition of any preservatives or aromas.
  • Callipo Tuna undergoes a lengthy maturing process, in order to ensure it gives off that unmistakable fragrance at the time of consumption.
  • To produce the Tuna Fillets in glass jars, Callipo uses on average only 50% of the processed slices.
  • Callipo Tuna Fillets are filled into glass jars entirely by hand, using only the most prestigious pieces of the fish.
  • Callipo Tuna Fillets in brine contain a low quantity of fat (less than 1%).
  • A good piece of tuna must be whole, compact, and covered in clear oil.
  • The protein values of tuna remain intact during the processing phase.
  • Callipo was the first company in its sector to obtain Product Certification.
  • Callipo Tuna is certified as “Dolphin Safe”, the protection program that avoids dolphin fatalities during tuna fishing.

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