Product Certification

Through a constant control process conducted by the relevant authority, the Product Certification, which provides a further guarantee for the consumer, sanctions the company's mode of operating and the maintenance of the quality of its products over time.

By tenaciously pursuing the strong focus on quality that has defined it from the outset, in October 2001 Callipo obtained: The first product certification in the preserved tuna market.

It was issued by DET NORSKE VERITAS - an internationally recognized independent certification authority - and guarantees:

  • exclusive use of Yellowfin tuna caught in accordance with the rules set out by the "Dolphin Safe* Program";
    The company has adhered to the "Dolphin Safe" program since 1992, in partnership with the "Heart Island Institute of San Francisco", a worldwide organization that manages the dolphin safety program. The “Dolphin Safe” program stipulates that companies must only purchase tuna from fishing boats proven to adopt techniques that avoid dolphin fatalities.
  • processing procedures carried out entirely in Italy at the plant in Maierato, using whole tuna;
  • steaming;
  • selection and use of the best parts of the tuna (canned whole cuts and slices);
  • jar filling carried out entirely by hand;
  • constant checks carried out throughout the production cycle;
  • maturing times guaranteed before distribution, depending on the format;
  • traceability of the product for each package, making it possible to trace the origin of the raw materials and supplies (tuna, oil, boxes and packaging).