Kosher Certification

Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari SPA also obtained another prestigious certification: it was awarded “Kosher Certification” by Services International Kosher Supervision Ltd, which means it is permitted to place the SIKS symbol on all of its packages/product labels, indicating their Kosher status.
In Hebrew, the word kosher means "right" and identifies "pure" foods that allow for a healthy body, mind and spirit.
A product can be certified Kosher only if it satisfies rigorous quality standards and if all of the production and packaging procedures, as well as the individual ingredients used for its preparation, comply with the strict laws of Kasheruth (a term that denotes Jewish dietary laws).

In particular, the product must be prepared and packaged in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards.
The environments, tools and machinery used during the processing and the containers in which the product is packaged must not have been in contact with non-kosher products. The same is true for each and every ingredient and the production processes applied.
Adherence to these strict rules is checked periodically by experts at the site of production and the certification (which has a deadline and must be periodically updated) may be revoked at any time.

The following Callipo products are certified kosher:

  • Tuna Fillets in glass jar, in Olive Oil (170g) or Brine (170g)
  • “Gusto da Re” in a box (3x80g or 2x160g)
  • Tuna in a glass jar in the new 2x80 g format, in Olive Oil or Brine.

These are the most well-known representatives of the Callipo brand abroad.