The adoption of a Quality Management System, as per regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, ratifies the company’s constant attention to the control and improvement of its internal processes and, by extension, of the products offered to its clients.
One of the major benefits of adopting this system is that it allows for the mapping of processes. In particular, it makes it possible to:

  • Identify processes within the management system application;
  • Determine the sequence and interactions between processes;
  • Establish the criteria and methods for their operation and effective control, along with their monitoring, measurement and analysis, through the identification of characteristic indicators;
  • Identify significant statistical techniques to analyze the data.

Thanks to this, the company is actively and globally engaged in a continuous effort to improve its quality objectives, so as to meet the needs of its customers as closely as possible, through a full understanding of their expectations. In 1997, the company adopted a Quality Management System, as per regulation ISO 9002, and in November 2003 it was awarded an upgrade to the new VISION 2000 Standard by DET NOSKE VERITAS, an internationally recognized independent certification authority.