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The Brand

Callipo has never radically modified its distinctive brand logo, above all in terms of the typography used and its traditional company colors, which remain identical to this day:

At its foundation, the brand logo consisted only of the company name “TONNY CALLIPO”, which was arranged across two lines (with ‘Tonno’ above and ‘Callipo’ below).


Around twenty years ago, the name “TONNO CALLIPO” was inserted into a semi-circle and arranged on the same line. An oval frame was also added, with an illustration of the old tuna-fishing and an indication of the year in which the company was founded (1913).


After a few years, the complete company name (TONNO CALLIPO) was changed to the simple brand name CALLIPO. The oval frame was maintained, with the addition of a banner bearing the phrase “Good Products from the Sea”.


For around 12 years now, the brand name CALLIPO has been enclosed in a border in the shape of a canoe. The banner with the phrase, “Good Products from the Sea” and the indication of the company’s founding year have both been maintained.


In 2011, the brand name CALLIPO underwent a restyling process. The canoe-shaped border was maintained, while the banner was replaced with the image of a sailing ship. The indication of the founding year of the company was maintained, and “Good Products from the Sea” became “Stories from the Sea”. The red nuance was also given a more “premium” look.


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The BackgroundThe Antique TonnareFilippo CallipoStamp