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A new important award for Callipo Conserve Alimentari

On 29th November 2014, a € 0,80 postal stamp of the series “the Excellences of the productive and economic system” has been issued, dedicated to Callipo company, with the grant of Ministerial approval by the Department of the Economic Development.

I am particularly moved for this special award, dedicated to our company”, says Pippo Callipo, President and Sole Director of the firm, “which elates my employees, my family and I, as it qualifies our firm as an excellence of the productive and economic national system.

“For over one hundred years, we have kept our production completely in Italy, upholding the Calabrian centuries-old tradition of handmade tuna manufacturing. Therefore, the issue of this stamp has an extraordinary historical value, as it witnesses the love and passion for our work, and it leaves the mark of our contribution to the economy of our country.”

“I would like to address a special thank to the Ministry of the Economic Development”, Pippo Callipo ends his speech, “which, by approving the issue of this stamp, recognizes a history worth to be told, and to Poste Italiane which will manage its broad diffusion and sale nationwide.

The stamp, issued by the State Stationery Office and the National Mint and distributed by Poste Italiane, has been edited in order to increase the value of the company Italian origins as well as its centenary history. The images chosen for the stamp illustrate the handmade production of tuna and celebrate Callipo five generation “family” tradition.

The issue of this stamp, which the State dedicates for the first time to a Calabrian company in this series, has a huge importance also for the whole region which the firm represents, as it contributes to widespread nationwide the image of a region expressing quality and productivity thanks to the exceptional contribution of its skilled workers.


Visit also  The BackgroundThe Antique TonnareThe BrandFilippo Callipo