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Filippo Callipo

The entrepreneur Filippo Callipo, better known as Pippo, Cavaliere del Lavoro, represents the fourth generation of the Callipo family, who have been taking turns at the helm of the family company since 1913.

He first began assisting his father Giacinto in the running of the company back in 1972, and took over the management in 1981. By pursuing the founder’s original philosophy, “quality before all else”, with great passion and dedication, and also thanks to his prudent development strategy, over almost thirty years of business Pippo Callipo has lead the historic company towards important milestones and high levels of success, above all in the sphere of quality certification.

In the past decade, in order to diversify the company’s business, he established a group of companies, the Callipo Group, which is made up of six companies and currently employees around 300 members of staff.
In the summer of 2008, after years of planning and organization, he set up two important projects:

Callipo GelateriaThe Callipo Gelateria, which sets itself the ambitious goal of making the traditional ice-cream from Pizzo well-known in Italy and around the world;

Popilia Country ResortThe Popilia Country Resort, a four-star hotel with 200 beds, situated just a few kilometers from Pizzo, in a hillside setting of around 140 hectares and with an enchanting view of the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia.
Over the years, in honor of his efforts to help his local community, Pippo Callipo has been granted numerous social and cultural awards.

Commitment to Sport

Volley Tonno CallipoPippo Callipo’s great commitment to the field of sport can be seen, above all, by his management, organization and financing of the sporting and social activities of the male volleyball team of Vibo Valentia, “Volley Tonno Callipo”.
Founded in 1993, the team reached the highest league at the national level: A1, after starting off in the C2 league.
However, the Tonno Callipo Volleyball Team’s greatest success lies in having successfully aroused the enthusiasm of an entire region.
The team represents Calabria in the national volleyball championships, which has also sparked an increase in media attention, leading to greater visibility for the entire region, the province, and the city of Vibo Valentia.
Moreover, the sporting activity of the top team sets an example for the youth of Calabria, who are flocking to the sports training courses on offer for young players in ever greater numbers.

Io Resto in Calabria (I'm Staying in Calabria) Association

Pippo Callipo’s decision to participate in politics spouts from the conviction that Calabrian society, for the most part, is more forward-thinking than its current political leaders and that, in order to achieve an adequate recognition and development of the talents and human resources Calabria has to offer, a renewal of the ruling class is indispensable.
Faced with the crisis of traditional political categories, and given the insufficient support provided to the Southern regions, Pippo Callipo has set himself the strategic goal of providing a voice for the Calabrian community, and give the South a new role to play, while fully respecting the fundamental values and pluralistic ideas of the Italian Constitution.

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