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Callipo company deems important to clarify some misleading news circulating on internet and which are generating confusion among canned tuna consumers.

Given the development and the importance of the subject, we believe appropriate to supply you with details on the safety of the canned fish we sell under our brand name (Callipo, Mister Ton, Rosa dei Venti, and Rosa Marina), respecting your safeguard, your right of information and our values of Quality and Transparency which have been our flags for 100 years.

Callipo tuna is fished far away from the Japanese waters and from the areas involved in the tragic Fukushima disaster which took place on 11th March 2011.

For further details we hereafter report the Ancit official press release, the association of all the Italian canned seafood industries, which published on internet the common stance of the sector workers:

“What happened in Japan does not involve the canned tuna productions of the Italian market”

• Following Fukushima accident, strict controls on food products have been arranged by the international, European, and Italian Authorities. In particular a EU Commission Rule (966/2012) has come into force which imposes special conditions on the import of food having Japanese origins or coming from Japan by the countries of the European Union.

• Any relevant anomalies have been detected on seafood products and on tuna in particular. For this reason, risks for consumers health are excluded.

• According to FAO classification, Japanese seas are included in the FAO are 61 (North-Western Pacifica Ocean)

• Fao zone 71 includes Middle-Western Pacific Ocean in the Southern hemisphere and it has nothing to do with the Japanese sea.

• The tuna species used to be canned on our market live in tropical waters, thence in waters which are very distant from Japan.

• The canning tuna companies associated to ANCIT do not receive tuna coming from FAO area 61.

• Japan does not export seafood products, including tuna, rather they import them to meet the particularly high basic domestic needs.

• The indication of the fishing area is not required by the European or Italian law, however many companies associated to ANCIT report this information on the labels or by other means (website, consumer service).

For further details, please visit the following link:

ANCIT - Associazione Nazionale Conservieri Ittici e delle Tonnare